Chairman's Message:

We are more than Eight years in the market; the International City Corp Co. General trading & contracting has prospered because of three important and interwoven factors: our customers, our employees, and the international companies we represented.

The mark of any growing and innovative company is the ability to balance all there elements with a wholehearted dedication to quality. A commitment to quality, dynamic growth and innovation can only be achieved with a clear vision of where the company is going. The International City Corp Co. General trading & Contracting Co. has such a vision. At the heart of this vision are our customers, employees, and represented companies. Only with quality services, we will continue to succeed.

We select, train and manage our employees to provide a quality of service beyond the expectations of our customers. To accomplish, by listening to our customers and proving our abilities day, we have achieved an impressive degree of customer retention and satisfaction.


Our Chairman

Mr. Mubarak Abdulla Al-Azmi